Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Park City Kimball Arts Festival 2012

I love to peruse artistic festivals and shops for things for the yard and garden. There are always beautiful things made from iron, glass and stone, that would make a lovely addition to my backyard. And it needs all the help it can get!
Handmade pottery. So pretty and unique. 
So I drag the hubs every year to the Park City Kimball Arts Festival every year on the first weekend in August. It's a fun, food, and art filled extravaganza. We love it.
Glass blown fish....they were really beautiful. 

I loved the floral arrangements along the paths of Main Street in Park City. 

 There are very talented artisans from all over the country that come to share their wares. And I love looking at all the florals along the path of Main Street. There are also lots of bronze statues everywhere and rock gardens.

This moose picture was painted on a slab of rock....

I wanted one of these glass globes. 

I know for a fact that hundreds of artisans apply to be a part of the show. But they are very picky in whom they choose to let be a part of the Kimball Arts Festival. There are high-end priced crafts that cost thousands of dollars, all the way down to $10.00 items. There is something for everybody.
Beautiful interesting. The inside is light blue...too bad my photog skills don't match the skills of these artists. 
I thought this loom was pretty can ask questions of any of the artisans there too. Many have created art for 30 years or more. 
Now these would look cool in anybody's garden....and you'd never have to water them!! They reminded me of our old California landscape where we had a few palm trees. Miss those palms! This is one way to get a palm tree in Utah! Or a fake cactus! 

Kimball Arts Festival in Park City...stunning art! How would one of these look in your yard? 
Well, I would LOVE one of these. It would look good anywhere, and it would bloom ALL YEAR! 
Glass beautiful! 

Glass and pottery vases and art.  
My favorites were the glass globes of every style and color. I loved looking at them all. They had tiny ones and giant ones. 

Another bronze statue. I've been to a foundry to see how these are is a very long and creative process. 

I loved the ambiance of the restaurants along the path on Main Street in Park City. The blue lights were so pretty as the night wore on.  After dark everybody went to the bars and restaurants to socialize. Here is the 2nd floor, umbrella filled,  patio deck of one of them. 
Blown glass fish...These were some of my favorite things at the Park City Arts Festival. 

I snapped a picture of the artisan here, with his wares...lots of beautiful bracelets. 

This was an interesting piece of glass art. 

Bronze statue in the music courtyard where we stopped to listen to the band playing bluegrass music. 

What a cool, carved, chess set! And I loved all the handmade jewelry there too. 
We will go every year to the Kimball Arts Fesitval in Park City. There is so much to see! 
Loved this goldfish...I wanted it so bad!! 
I couldn't believe the talent of the artisan who did these beautiful bronzes.  They were stunning. 

These would look pretty hanging on my garden fence. 

There were many paintings, but the artisans don't like photographs taken of them....they say people can copy and blow up the photographs and sell them. So I snapped one of the windows of the art museums that line the path in Park City on Main Street.  It's an artsy place any time of year. 

There were even some purveyors of cheese and jams...this guy makes goat cheese and had samples to taste! 

I should have bought some for my son, Jeff, who is into anything "goat" right now. :D That's an inside family joke. 

They always have good food and good music bands playing too. It's such fun. We will be up at Park City for two weekends in a row this year. The hubs is dragging ME to the Tour of Utah bike race. Fun, right? Yeah. Men in bike shorts. That's not too hard to take! Bada bing, bada boom!

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