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How to Plant BULBS like Hostas Daylillies and Iris Bulbs

I just LOVE this Daylilly. It's one of my favorites in the garden this past summer. I had planted it just last year, so it's the first time I'd seen it come up. What a beauty!  
As Rudyard Kipling was known to observe:

"Our England is a garden, and such gardens are not made
By singing:--"Oh, how beautiful!" and sitting in the shade,
While better men than we go out and start their working lives
At grubbing weeds from gravel-paths with broken dinner-knives

Hostas are some of the best bulb perennials of the garden. I love them. They will add a beautiful green mound to every flower bed. They are great shade plants, so they don't do so well  in full sun. They also have flowers, which are a great feature in some of the varieties. If you have any partly sunny /partly shady spot at all, you should try some hasta bulbs. They are hardy, and they also work well as groundcovers. I love their little mounds in my front flower beds and under my deck by the pond.

This  neat photo of Hostas growing well is from the Garden Park of Oak Park, River Forest

These bulb plants  bring beauty to a garden in the sun or shade. They will bloom in the early summer or late spring, and have beautiful foliage too. I've always loved this plant and there are some exciting new varieties to grow, Most are purple and blue in color. But I have quite a few varieties, even bearded iris and some white iris. All are very special, as you can see.
  Beautiful IRIS from South Texas Gardening. 
Photo from Perennials Made Easy. Here are many varieties to choose from at Nature Hills website.

My favorite bulbs are daylillies. They come in so many colors and are sooooo easy to plant and have flourish in the garden. I find them at Farmer's Markets where there are flower growers there. They will always give me a good deal for some unusual varieties. And I don't have to pay shipping!  

Here are just a few I planted last year and they came up so pretty! 

Here's How to Plant Bulbs

1. Plant your iris 2" deep and 3"-4" apart for the most brilliant display. The bulbs look like small pointed onions; plant with the point facing up.
2. After planting, water well soaking the area. 

3. If you are putting them in pots or containers here is a good guide:
                For 12-15" pots - plant 9
                For 10" pots - plant 7
                For 8" pots - plant 5  
4. Most iris love full sun, hostas like partial shade, so be sure to check your bulb's recommendations before choosing a spot to plant.

I love this garden photo from VW Garden. Check it out HERE.  
I've been enjoying the perennials in our flower gardens a lot this summer. I think planting a few more sets of bulbs in different areas will be a great goal this fall. I'll be looking for some unique varieties this week. Some good deals can be found at Costco and Home Depot soon too.

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