Friday, July 13, 2012

Fruit Trees in the Garden

I love fruit trees. We have lived here 12 years and we planted our first fruit tree that first year. We added a new one every year for the first 5 years. The last year we did berry bushes and grapes.  Now they are a lot of fun to watch them grow and bear fruit.
We don't have a lot of apples this year....but the ones we have are always tasty. 

Here is when my aPpLeS  were just starting to grow from the flower buds....

Here's the APPLE TREE, (and my little Boston Terrier, Bruce) 

We had put in lots of years of care on the fruit trees years ago,  and they are finally FINALLY, starting to produce....not lots of stuff mind you...maybe a FEW BOWLS of fruits per tree....but it's yummy and very fascinating to watch those trees just do their "thang".
Concord gRaPeS....I'll do a post on how to make grape jelly SOON!  Or how about Grape Juice?  Yum! 
Grape gardens are getting bigger and they look pretty yummy too! 

I have green grapes and concord grapes and they grow organically every year without me doing too much with them! 

Nectarine tree....looking almost ripe! 
The lone nectarine...I hope birds don't get it before I do! 

Well, it's my own fault I waited too long for these nectarines and some birdies got the top one! Darn! 

My peaches did the best of all the fruit trees this year.  I have about 6 bags frozen so far and have made peach crisp twice already! 
We  have an apple , a peach and nectarine, and an apricot tree.  None of them ever have done really fantastic,  except the apple.  I think our soil is kinda sandy. The yard needs constant care with veggie gardens and 2 ponds, flower beds and all.  And I'm getting so lazy. But today I picked peaches! 
Peaches on the peach tree....really nice this year!

I made some yummy peach crisp at Weekday Chef. my other blog. Check it out! 
No black thumb here.  I love this tree. It is my favorite fruit tree in the whole garden. The Peach tree a great shade tree too.

Ya gotta have some wind chimes.....
 We are lazy weeders.  I just want it to look good and I want to have fresh fruits...... and beautiful things everywhere....but I don't want to worry about it! I don't ask for much do I?

It's been fun to pick the apricots too...we eat these right up. I never have to make jam out of them... (I let my mom-in-law do that....sneaky me).

Wow, do you think the hubs got my good side in this awful picture? I think I'm gonna fire as my photog. 

aPrIcOtS and cute little granddaughters in the hammock! 

Marissa and Megan make the cutest addition to the garden, don't they? Love those girls! They are the "apples" of my eye!

 Let's go eat some apricots grandma!  I just LOVE these.  Maybe we could do fruit leather?
I'll have to look into getting a fruit dehydrator.
And my lillies all came up. They turned out beautiful too! 

My berry bushes....just starting to ripen! 

 We fixed up a place down by the jacuzzi for seating too.  It's suddenly become a fun place to hang out again!
Under the deck by the jacuzzi...brightly colored, motion-detection
lighting at night made it more inviting!
My friend Paula, in California, is growing a Mango tree. How fun is THAT! I used to have oranges and lemons in my yard in California. Man I so didn't appreciate my weather and growing season back then.
I would LOVE it! But in the meantime, I'll take my apricots, peaches, nectarines, apples and grapes. And I planted blackberry bushes this year. They are already sprouting too. Let's see what tomorrow brings! Ain't nature grand? In spite of my failings as a gardener, I have plants that give back to me. And that makes me so happy.
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