Saturday, June 16, 2012

Revive your Deck with Restore Paint

The awful Deck.  This is the BEFORE DECK RESTORE picture. 
 I took the power washer and washed off the entire deck really good. It took me an hour or so. Then I let it dry.

Close up of how badly we needed some RESTORE DECK PAINT done  here....
 This Deck Restore Paint is the greatest product EVER!  It is from Home Depot. If you don't want to redo your whole deck in Trex, this is a good alternate solution. It really made our deck look better.
RESTORE DECK PAINT  comes in a gallon can and we bought an applicator roller that had a texture to it. Some kits it is included. 

 We sanded it just a big wire brush, just to loosen anything that might chip off. We picked a dark brown but unfortunately they didn't have our exact shade. You have to choose from their color selection which isn't a huge variety, but there are about 20 colors. And we could have color matched. I think we should have, but we are getting ready to paint the house anyway, so no worries.

 Here is a short video showing HOW to spread the DECK RESTORE PAINT onto your old deck.  It looks really easy, AND IT WAS!  Especially for me because all I did was watch! Well, and I cleaned up too. :D

Here is the hubs doing the MANLY WORK!   We got a color matching THE RESTORE PAINT for the posts and the  railings around the deck. I still haven't done it.....I am such a procrastinator!  Maybe I can get him to do THAT TOO!  hmmm.....

I decided our old umbrella had seen better days. So I got a fresh, new, green umbrella and some cute outdoor cushions and a few decorations for the deck. It was so boring before!  But doesn't the deck planks look fantastic? Oh yeah! 

We added these copper, solar lights to the end posts of the deck, they were about  $15.00 each  at the end of the summer last year. Aren't they pretty? Check them out Here at Home Depot.

My cute granddaughters chasing the cute. 
Hey chicky chicky!..... don't put your finger in there or you'll be sorry! 

It's fun to see pay dirt on all our hard it's fun to go outside again!
I think we figured out the secret. You have to just pick a section of yard....and then....just to do a little bit every few days...with a break in between. Be forewarned that it was discouraging at first. But seeing it improve over time is FUN! 

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