Friday, June 28, 2013

My Gardening Glove Collection

You know how people that cycle have all kinds of cool cycling gear? My hubs is a cyclist. Every spring when I get home from work there are days when he will get a package. It tends to either be computer gizmos or cycling gear. He loves to get a new shirt or some of those colorful stretchy pants.

My Garden Glove collection......I think I need to add some more colors!
I used to NOT wear gloves and my fingernails would get so dirty and my hands would get slivers in them and my fingers would get raw from sliding them along cement edging or bricks. I once even tried the Dove Soap trick. Scratch your fingernails along Dove Soap before gardening so you fill under your nails with soap. It did work better at keeping dirt out from under my nails, but it irritated me too. I didn't like it. So gloves it is.

Garden Glove rack from 'Instructables'
This would be such a cute thing to make to hang the wet gloves up on! I love it!

Well, I think gardeners are no different. We love a good hat, some colorful or "feel good" gloves or a new and improved tool of some sort. I still dream about the day I get a ride on mower.....not that I mow the lawn all that much, I just would like a ride on a ride on mower, haha!
These Atlas gloves are listed as top 5 favorites in gardening gloves, and I think they are really neat. But I think I only need one pair at these prices! EEK!

So here is my collection of gardening gloves. I have all kinds.

I sure do have a lot of black gloves!What's up with that?

These are cute ones too. Gotta love a new, cute pattern on the gloves. Sometimes I like these loose, thick ones if I'm picking up twigs or pruning bushes. 
 There is always one pair out on the porch drying out from getting wet or muddy weeding or watering. I just throw them in the washing machine with a load of towels every time I weed or work in the yard.

Garden Gloves....I love the ones with cute patterns, but the thinner, rubbery ones work better for weeding.
And the funny thing is.....every time I walk past a display of garden gloves, I want to buy a new, cute pair! Just like a cyclist longs for a fun, new, pair of socks or some cool, new jersey design.

But my feeling is, HEY! If it helps motivate me to get out there and weed, isn't it worth every penny spent on my glove fettish? Oh yes it is. :D

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