Sunday, January 20, 2013

Winter Yard Decor

My boring front entry looks like it needs a face lift. It is snowy January in Utah and all my flower beds aren't looking very inspirational. But maybe I can spruce up my front entry with some clever winter creations!!

This VERY creative birdbath has a frozen fruity design I had never seen anything like it! Check it out HERE.

Simple Christmas Decor
My favorite color is red, so I am attracted to all red decor. This has some winter amaryllis bulbs and some red pomegranates hanging. I love the red rainboots and the tin watering can on the door for winter yard decor. Check this one out on Pinterest.

I loved this winter front porch too! All they did is add some red berry picks and ribbon and some white twigs and it looks really beautiful.....and there again is the cute sled.  I have GOT to get one of those!! Check it out Busy Bee Lifestyle's great outdoor decor ideas.
Outdoor decor
Hanging snowflakes are really fun and easy for winter decorations in the yard, aren't they? These sets on string would be a lot of fun waving in the snowy wind.
midwest living
Another winter porch with red accents and pine cones for Winter Porch Decor. I think the red sticks would be an easy addition too.
I LOVED this idea with the ice skates. And I have a cute little sled similar to this. I'll have to see if I can pick up some ice skates at the thrift store. The little "Let it Snow" board adds a cute winter greeting too doesn't it?  This one is from HGTV.
So I think I'll add some red berries and white sticks to my little green evergreen potted tree. Then I'll find some old ice skates, and I'll add a red sled with a bucket of pine cones to my front entry.

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