Friday, August 3, 2012

My Berry Gardens

Our berry bushes are doing pretty good this year....I've added a few new fun things to the garden too. 
I love these copper end caps we put on our oldly moldy deck. They are solar so they come on at night all by themselves. It is really pretty to go stand out on the deck now. They let off this neato glow, automatically!
My concord grape vines are doing well.  I'm going to learn how to make grape juice this year if it kills me! My son-in-law grew up on the stuff. So maybe his mom can teach me how to do it.  It should be a fun kitchen learning how to make grape juice from smashed grapes.  What next? 

We added some green gRaPeS last year too!  I hope they taste sweet and that these birdies don't get at them first! 
Blackberries are lookin REAL GOOD!  

But the raspberries are dyin on the vine!  It's that Utah July heat, 106 the other day! 
My hummingbird feeder is hanging here empty!  THAT's why the birds are flying around my glass door looking in at me....they are wondering when we are going to refill their juice!  So sweet!  
I thought this was cute so I got it for a particularly hot part of my deck and I'm adding it to a flower pot. 
Cute deck chairs I got from Walmart for only $10 each! Such a DEAL! 

I got these chairs and pillows at Walmart last weekend. They will match my patio umbrella.  The deck is looking a LOT better since the deck paint and the additional furniture!  Check out the deck paint to see my Restore Deck Paint.

Here are 2 more I went and bought.  Now I have a cute seating arrangement.  I want to go look for a cute table now to add to the little trio of chairs.  
Well my raspberries are not doing anything in this terrible Utah heat, so I went and bought some at the store. I made some yummy cupcakes instead of doing the garden weeds......snicker.....
And wouldn't you like a bite of this? Doesn't it look yummy?  Check them out at The Weekday Chef.
This is what I do when I've got stacks of stuff to do.  I play with food.  :D

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