Monday, September 3, 2012

Beautiful Ponds and Water Features

Our Backyard Pond
I love a home with a water feature. We have 2 of them; one in the front yard with a waterfall, and one in the backyard, getting pretty overgrown with plant material now. We really need to redo both of them.

Here is our backyard pond. We used to have giant KOI in it until a racoon got in there and cut off all their heads. Yeah, that is not a pretty sight to come home to...your lovely fish all gutted with the remains all over the backyard grass. So we just do a few goldfish now. And the grandkids love to come see them.  We have a mushroom fountain inside and some water plants.  

The fish pond picture above and directly below are from Bunny Jeans Decor and More. She must have a green thumb for SURE! 
Ito is so fun to put goldfish in your pond. Ours will just hibernate in the snowy winter and it is interesting how you can actually poke them through the ice and they will wiggle a little. That's how I knew they were still alive in that frozen, winter pond. The next year the ones that live are very hearty and will grow to be 6 or 7 inches long. Very pretty.

Another neighbor of mine, the Newmans, have this great pond in their backyard. It's got a natural looking waterfall, lilly pads and koi swimming in it as well as beautiful flowers and bushes surrounding it.

I love the little Frog and the spiderweb in this Pretty Pond picture. 
water feature
I saw this water feature on Pinterest too. Look at that beauty of a Koi fish!  It's HUGE!  

Here's one my neighbor just finished. It's a waterfall ending in a pond. He lives on a huge hill so this water feature is a great idea to use up that front yard full of green grass!  

HERE at Gardening BC  is a tutorial on how to build a backyard pond
in your own yard to enjoy. I love mine. Even though it is a lot of work
to keep up, the sound of water is very relaxing to hear while you sit
and soak in the jacuzzi. I love a pretty pond full of goldfish too.
Our backyard pond water feature......a bit earlier in the season.... A pond is great!  It's a beautiful addition to any yard. 


  1. I really love the waterfall idea! I am in the beginning stages of building my very own backyard pond and these pictures will definitely serve as some inspiration. I really think the waterfall adds a great dynamic and the sound of the running water will be so relaxing! I definitely hope to have some Koi in there as well!

  2. Nice Sharing about ponds! Keep it up


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