Monday, February 18, 2013

Organizing My Garden Tools in an Indoor Potting Cabinet

I was rearranging some furniture in my den the other day and had this little end table filled with DVDs and cassette tapes if you can believe THAT! (tells you how long since I've done any spring purging inTHAT room!) 
My Indoor Potting Shed to get ready for gardening season! This is right next to my glass door in the kitchen. 
Anyway, I decided to move it up to the kitchen and fill my little "Potting Shed Cabinet"  with my gardening supplies, so I have it super handy when I go out onto the backyard deck or go out to prune or plant on my garden terraces.
I put my hand shovels and my gardening gloves in the top drawer of the potting cabinet. I'll have to find the rest of my tools  when this frozen wasteland we call Utah thaws out. LOL  The top drawer of my indoor potting cabinet I'll use for gardening hand clippers, small shovels and garden gloves.
I got this sprayer after the summer on clearance for $4.00, what a deal!   The middle drawer is for hose sprayers and dry sprinkle-on fertilizer.
The beginnings of my Indoor Potting's just starting to take shape!  I'll eventually have jars of seeds on the top shelf.  The cupboard is for liquid fertilizers and my small pots and leftover bulbs and seed packets.
Look at this cute herb garden I saw in a kitchen recently. I HAD to take picture. How would it be to be able to cut fresh herbs anytime you cook? I have GOT to try this one.  Be sure to keep your herb seeds in an airtight container. She also had her granny's favorite recipes framed. So sweet! 

Always put your leftover seed packets in an airtight container like a lidded jar or  Rubbermaid container. 
Now the thing about seed packets is you need to keep them away from heat or moisture or any kind of fluctuating temperatures. So it is best to put them in a lidded jar. If you just leave your packets out in the garage or in drawers, they will lose their vigor and maybe won't germinate quickly, or may die.
 So keep them in an airtight jar. I just used a Ball jar and lid I had in my canning supplies.
I'm going to try to start an herb garden in indoor pots even though it is only February. I can keep it inside for the cold winter months and see what it does. Maybe I'll try some cilantro. I LOVE that stuff!

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