Friday, August 24, 2012

Giant Pumpkins and Pumpkin Patches

We watched one of those shows on giant pumpkins festivals in upstate New York. It was fun to see all the gardeners babysitting their pumpkins. I wish I would have planted some in May. They'd be big by now.  Here's some tips for growing giant pumpkins for yourself HERE.
Giant Pumpkins are a fun thing to grow!  
But, alas, we were doing lillies and fruit trees and veggies. Next year I'm going to find a place to do a pumpkin patch. There is one area behind my house that has nothing growing. It's a perfect spot. Here are some good varieties to buy in seeds....from No Dig Vegetable Garden's site.

  • Cabbage: Northern Giant Cabbage (100 lbs.)
  • Carrot: Japanese Imperial Long Carrot (12+ inches long)
  • Cucumber: Mammoth Zeppelin Cucumber (16 pounds)
  • Gourd: Giant Long Gourd (120 Inches)
  • Pumpkin: Atlantic Giant Pumpkin (400 to over 1000 pounds)
  • Tomato: Old Colossus Heirloom Tomato (2+ pounds)
  • Watermelon: Carolina Cross (Giant) Watermelon (200 pounds)
Meg loved the pumpkin patch at Gardner Village last October....

In the meantime, I'll just have to enjoy all these other pumpkin patches. They are sprouting all around us. My grandkids love to go pick their Halloween pumpkin out from the patch.

Josie was a cute little cute! 

Hangin' with my homies at the pumpkin patch....

I love those little kiddos....I love Halloween's my favorite holiday! 

They like to sit on a tractor or two and go through the hay maze too. What fun it is in the fall in Utah. I love all the back to school stuff, apple picking and scarecrows in cornfields, the fall colors and the leaves changing too. And I love pumpkin patches in the fields.

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