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Flower Gardening

Gardener Wannabe....
We are lazy garden weeders.  I just want my gardens and yard to look good and I want to have fresh veggies, flowers and fruits...... and beautiful things everywhere....but I don't want to worry about it! 
I don't ask for much do I?
I WISH my garden grew this great....I'm not a green thumb though. But I do try. I snapped this picture in Park City last weekend. I loved these flower bins on Main Street at the Arts Festival. 

Here was my backyard terraces last year when we first planted the top and bottom layers of  the 3 terraces. I had lillies and mugo pines on the bottom terrace, and junipers and concord grape vines on the top terrace. And our veggies are in the middle terrace with the apple tree just to the left. 
Love this new floral welcome mat I got for the backyard deck. Isn't it cute?  It's a Martha Stewart mat from Lowes. 

So I try and try to add a few flower plants each week to my garden, hoping that I'll have blooms going on all summer long, and hopefully into the fall. And that the weeds won't ALWAYS take over.
We added flowers under the deck for he first time . These are hydrangeas in 3 colors, blue, purple and pink... and I added some impatiens too. It's kinda wild under the deck!

The hydrangeas should do well in all the shade that is there...
You've GOT to love a field of Lavender, don't you? Plant a few of these SOMEWHERE in your flower garden. But be aware, they will grow into a giant ball and take up space. This picture is from Doll in the Looking Glass. I love lavender fields. In another life I will have a big field to plant beautiful stuff in.  In this life I only have one mound of lavender. And it's getting really HUGE! Gotta cut that sucker back very soon! 
My backyard bottom terrace...with my lillies just coming up. 

I tried starting a few plants early in the season with my 2nd grade class....I don't know if is any better than just buying plants in May at the nursery and Home Depot. Mine aren't any larger because of doing this early planting.  But it IS FUN TO DO WITH KIDS!  
Gotta love some pretty purple annuals.

I loved this lilly. I paid a lot for it from the LILLY MAN at the Salt Lake Farmer's Market, and now I know why. It is gorgeous! 

The basic yellow are so easy to plant and they sure do give a lovely color spot! The best part is by next year I'll be able to split the plants and take those bulbs and spread them around. Have you ever seen a yard completely full of lilly bulbs? I have, and it is FANTASTIC! 

I found this spinning floral and butterfly spinner flag at Hobby Lobby in the garden clearance. It was $2.00! 
My mugo pines and lilly garden.  I alternated 2 lillies and a mugo pine all across last year. So this year they are just coming up. Hopefully they will grow into green mounds over the next year. 

In front of each mugo pine I places some annuals in different colors. It's been so HOT though that they didn't spread out as much as I'd have liked. 

This is my "green thumb" neighbor's yard that I aspire to.  Hers always looks much better than mine. ( jealous sighs....).

My berries are such a bright spot I think of them as beautiful buds too! 

Red is my favorite color. I love this flower bed full of red. In California I had a rose garden full of shades of red. But in Utah, I have lots of bulbs instead. But I do miss all those "Double Delight" rose bushes I had....sniff, sniff...

Gotta love a beautiful sunset after a day of weedin' in the flower garden. I took this picture at a Neil Diamond concert a week ago in our city. He's old but his music is still a crowd pleaser. Just like a flower garden is.  


  1. Pattie! My goal is that next spring I will plant something. So I need help! I will look forward to reading your blog for the whole next year for inspiration! You go girl! Debbie McEwen

  2. Debbie, I think that is all it takes is a goal and a tiny bit of time a week. Yet it is sooooo enjoyable and rewarding to see what that garden gives back to you! Who knew the homebody in me would love the outdoors so much!


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