Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Outdoor Wedding Garden Party at Le Jardin in Sandy, Utah

I snapped a few pictures at a recent outdoor garden wedding reception I went to with the hubs. It was so pretty! Our California friends Vickie and Russ's only son was married nearby and had a reception up at Le Jardin, where we had our son's reception. So we were lucky to attend and say hello! It's been years since we've seen them!

Le Jardin is a giant greenhouse filled with lovely things. Here I am entering the front of it. I love this place. It is a flower shop during the day and at night is is for parties, receptions, and family reunions. 

Everywhere you look are flowers, statues, fountains, wrought iron, plants and beauty. 

Oh and lots of arches, gazebos and twinkly lights too! I got NO good pictures of people. My camera was on the wrong setting. My bad. 

I didn't get a great shot of the cake, but it sure was pretty, as were the bride and groom. I used to teach this particular groom when he was only 7 years old. He was one of my 2nd graders back in California when I taught school there. He is now a physicist! Wow! 

 Here was a cute little sitting nook I thought was pretty. The whole place had so many plants and flowers everywhere, and little twinkle lights here and there. Very pretty.

Pretty flowers paths and plantings everywhere at Le Jardin in Sandy, Utah......

Lots of Pots full of beautiful pansies...... I wish mine looked this good already! How do they do it? 

These purple and white pansies do make a charming combination don't they? It looks like daffodils or tulips were behind these once upon a time. They have the same problem I do.....deer love to eat the flower tops off as soon as they bud out! Notice every one is gone. 

I loved the statuary all around and many water features to add ambiance to the garden like atmosphere. These indoor tulips were saved from deer munching. haha.

This is the outdoor gazebo that I just LOVE. It is fun to go strolling around it in the early evening looking at all the flowers and greenery that surround it.  My house is just up the street and so are the mountains (well, about 10 minutes away those mountains are....and just look they still have snow on them! 

Pretty heart shaped topiaries on the tables were so pretty as were the pink and white hydrangeas. 

I wish I could grow hydrangeas and spider plants like this. Some of my very favorites! 

This was such a sweet touch at the reception as you were leaving. I grabbed a couple for our trip to the movies. YUM! 

The reception center is called LE JARDIN and has a beautiful meandering walkway through this lush garden and tables are set up here and there to the sides till you get to the back where they had a lovely set up of sandwiches and sweet treats I forgot to snap a picture of. My bad. You know what happens to me around food. I lose all my sense that is what!! 

More beautiful pottery filled with greenery at Le Jardin Reception Center in Sandy, Utah.  

I loved this lamp so much I bought one similar to it a few years ago and it stands in my front bay window of my house next to a little oak bench. I love it. But I got my inspiration from Le Jardin. 

Good luck to the newlyweds! I hope you enjoyed your wonderful wedding day!  I didn't get ANY good pics of people. But this little picture of a picture tells the story anyway. Congratulations Taylor! I thought your new bride was a doll. :D

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