Monday, December 10, 2012

Beautiful Flower Gardens

 I miss the summer where I had lots of beautiful blooms.

 Now it's getting cold and the snow is coming.
 I will be missing the beds of flowers and the pops of color for awhile.
 And the fruits of the season. They will have to wait awhile.
 But now that fall has passed, we can look back on all the beautiful things we loved. the hubs
 And the fun adventures we experienced.
And enjoy new ones as we head into winter. And enjoy a new kind of beauty.
 But we will miss the flowers of summer.
 Oh yes we will. Thank goodness we took lots of pictures while things were abloom!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Decorations

There are leaves all over my front yard and the wind is howling and it is raining. So I'm safe and warm inside wondering if good old Mr. Wind will blow all my leaves away today so I won't have to be the raking maniac on Saturday.

I'm sitting here looking through cookbooks trying to decide what to do for a pumpkin dessert for Thanksgiving. Maybe a pumpkin trifle? Maybe a pumpkin cake in a jelly roll pan with cream cheese icing? Maybe a pumpkin cheesecake?

Well, in the meantime,here are my cute Thanksgiving day decorations....2012....

Thanksgiving Day was super fun at the Moss Homestead this year. The whole family was home.
I decorated every single room up for Thanksgiving; end tables, coffee tables, entryway, kitchen....every surface I could find had stuff! Yeah, it's an illness I think. I go overboard a little bit.
The kitchen counters had all kinds of turkeys and pumpkins everywhere......
Real fall pumpkins as well as glass ones. It was really cute!
 Merlene and Don Moss came for dinner on the Sunday before Thanksgiving....
 Grandpa Don passed out his life history he'd been working on for 12 years! It was awesome!
Cute Tiff and Gary....

Family Picture for Thanksgiving Day 2012.....

Want to see some cute decorations? Well I have plenty. Here is my entryway table decorated for Thanksgiving......

   The kitchen buffet was decorated with Thanksgiving pilgrims.....
And Indians....and Look! I even made a little fall subway lettering in a picture frame! 

   More pilgrims.....the little girls love my tiny set of pilgrims and Indians at a tiny table. The legs are broken off of two of them now, but we still set them out.

Devin and Caitlin came from Chicago and stayed 8 days! It was wonderful to have them here. We threw a baby shower of Caitlin one night last week and she got a lot of fun loot! 
We played pin the hat on the turkey....the girls and Devin loved it! (Devin is just a big kid, didn't you know?)
Caitlin and Devin made gingerbread cookies for us to decorate. This is Devin's "anatomically correct" gingerbread
Sadly, it melted in the oven and we couldn't figure out which girl had the.....well....the....well endowed body.....hehe.....
Entry table in the great room was so cute! This candy was all gone about 10 minutes after all the kids arrived......and I think I had 5 bowls everywhere......what the heck? 
Thanksgiving table decorations......
Marisa was all ready to eat at the kiddie table....I got 2 little pilgrim bears and a soft turkey for them to take home with them......all of them loved the turkey. Megan got to take it home.....

One of the end tables in the great room......I love fall decor! 
The piano was decorated for fall too.....Happy Thanksgiving! 
Here's our buffet table with all the vittles in the kitchen.....

 We had lots of good stuff too!  I always forget to take a picture of the turkey though....sniff sniff....
The kiddie table with all 3 girls chowing down.....

Don't you love Megan sticking her tongue out? That's just
Coffee table decor......
End table in the living room......
Desk decorated for Thanksgiving in the living room...
We all made some fun pilgrim hat cookies with Keebler striped shortbread cookies, some icing, some small peanut butter cups and a slice of gumdrop for the buckle. These were to DIE FOR good!
And I ate a bunch of them...bad me.....
These turned out cute and yummy....Pilgrim Hat Cookies.....Made from Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and Keebler shortbread striped cookies! 
Then it was the ipad games all around.....and phone games.....
All 4 of these kids love ipad games! Even the 2 year old Josie is great on the ipad! 
Then we played Apples to Apples in the great room.....John doesn't like games so he plays for 5 minutes and then sneaks off to watch football in the he is about to make his getaway.....
The little girls and Devin, Cait, Wendy and I decorated
 gingerbread houses and cookies...
I think this one was Marisa's was super pretty! 
This one was Josie's house....very cute! 
Jeffrey always wins the games we play. He got 7 on Apples to Apples and I only got 1. How did that happen? It was a fun Thanksgiving Day hanging out together.  I will miss everybody. It's so great to be together.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Decorations

Real Moms real views had a cute idea with black crows and orange pumpkins to Halloweeny up your front porch with the Halloween colors. Very cute! 
This cute and easy green Frankie door is from Mel-designs. What an easy thing to do for Halloween if you HAVE a green door!!
Hanging Bats
Martha Stewart has this cute porch scene with a bunch of bats in a "Bat Cave!" Wouldn't this bea easy, but creepy for Halloween? 
Between Naps on the Porch had this cute Halloween scene with fresh flowers and pumpkins and fall leaves and cornstalks. I love the cute scarecrow peeking from behind!

autumn wreath made with indian corn
I love this hanging decoration using indian corn and apples and fall leaves! So pretty! And you could leave it up all the way to Thanksgiving!

custom screen porch

This one is my favorite. I have a bunch of these obelisks in wrought iron. It would be so easy to cover them with sheet material and then add a black taped on smile and eyeballs. Cute Ghosts! BOO!
I've got to get busy making my yard look spooky for Halloween! 
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