Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun Under the Deck with our Jacuzzi

We had fun in the jacuzzi squirt gun fighting tonight in our Under the Deck Jacuzzi. 
I wanted a jacuzzi last year. But I didn't want to spend a lot of money. So I looked on Craig's List and KSL for a used one. We had our jacuzzi in California for 20 years and loved it. I found one for $199 dollars just a mile from here in Draper. So I called the guy and went to pick it up with my 2 sons, my son-in-law and my husband.
I got these cute squirt guns from the grocery store for
Megan and Marisa. 

They loved playing with their "dolphin and whale" guns.
We brought a flat bed trailer with us we had borrowed from a neighbor and just rolled that sucker up on it and drove it home, and rolled it into the backyard gate on it's side. I took pictures but it was dark by the time they rolled it up the back pathway and placed it under the deck.
And their funny! We added seating, a table with decorations like candles and silk sunflowers, and an umbrella.
    We had poured a cement patio under the deck when we bought the house 12 years ago, but we'd never spent any time under there. We had no seating or really any landscaping either. So we had worked on both of those after we got the jacuzzi. I put some impatients and hydrangeas in and some pansies and bulbs too. It's very green down there now!
Little Miss Meggie with her cute goggles...
                           And Miss Marisa getting her share of squirtgun action....
We ordered a few new parts for it, like a new filter and a few of the bolts needed tightening.
We bought a few outdoor lights and put them up in different colors around the under deck too.
It was fun watching them try to squirt each other and us...
You know if you go in the jacuzzi with them you are going
to come out drenched So I get my hubs to go with them most of the time. I'm taking the pics, after all!
 You can see my flower beds in the background. I also have an iron trellis with pots of geraniums to the side. 
Because they splash around like they are swimming in
a little swimming pool.....
We filled it up and got some chlorine tablets and we were in business! It works perfectly. I can't believe we've had so much fun with something that literally cost us $200 bucks. Now that's a steal deal! We added some chairs and a table with a cute umbrella under the deck here for extra seating.
We are babysitting them and their doggie Gunner for the weekend...

We sure had fun in our $200 jacuzzi....
And I think the girls  had fun too....It's a great addition to anybody's yard. I'd love to get one for my cabin at Bear Lake. Know of any good deals? 

So funny....we just crack up at this one....she is such a fish in water. We love these little cuties a lot. And we love our backyard jacuzzi a lot too.

 It is the best family fun money we ever spent with young kids. You put them to bed, and you go out and have a "date" in the jacuzzi. It's a great place to talk and enjoy a cool drink and have some down time. Ah, yes. This is the life! 

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