Saturday, October 13, 2012

Clothespin Crafting; Tealights from Tuna Cans

How about a tealight holder made from clothespins and an empty tuna can!  These would look pretty in garden spots in the backyard wouldn't they? And with a glue gun they would be so easy!

The idea came from Erma at Erma's Herbs Facebook page.

I would probably use the larger, canned chicken or giant tuna cans so that I could use a larger light inside of it. But tuna cans are so easy to come by. And these might be really cute crafts for kids to make! Just clip the clothespins on with a little hot glue inside the clips. Then add a row outside with hot glue. 
Or use square cans for a different look! 
Larger chicken breast cans from Costco might make nice big planters too! 
I wouldn't paint them, just leave them natural. I'm always looking for cute Christmas and Mother's Day gifts for my classroom kiddles to make. This might be a perfect new one this year! 

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