Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beautiful Yards and Landscaping in Utah

We've been hanging out at the Parade of Homes in Highland and Alpine, Utah lately. We saw some pretty yards that I was coveting, if you want to know the truth!
Look at this Parade of Homes back yard. It is so lovely and green! They probably didn't want the hassle of a pool, so they put in a splash pad instead! This one is in Highland, Utah. 

The homes themselves in the Parade of Homes were so pretty. The front had such interesting architecture and rock facings. But the landscaping is where I really fell in love. 

 The brick walkways leading up the this house were so pretty. I loved the circular brickwork with the flowers on either side.
 The backyards were almost over the top beautiful. This home had a pool, splashpad, fire ring, multiple covered patios with T.V.s and BBQ areas.
 I would love a pool with a slide, wouldn't you? I'd hate cleaning it though.
 You can see this covered gazebo area with a splash pad, a big screen and BBQ.
 Just off the house was this fireplace seating area with the BBQ and view of the pool.
 Here is the other side, where you walk down to the swimming pool.

 This was my favorite Parade of Homes backyard area. There is a Basketball court, a putting green, a splash pad and pool and many other fun things. You'd never leave in the summer!
Here you can see the walkways for exercising, the fire ring, the green back area, and a bit of the pool. There was so much to do here. I loved this yard. 

Well, we decided to go spend some time in the outdoors too. So we went to the cabin and rode quads. Our landscaping is nothing to write home about, but we have a goal now. 

We sold some of our outdoor furniture and we are starting a fund to do something fun at the cabin. Not on the grand scale we've see in the pictures above, but something fun. Maybe a volleyball court and a jacuzzi and a circular driveway using crushed gravel. That is doable! 

More junk we sold, in addition to 2 bikes, a dirtbike, a piano, and some tables and chairs. 

Then we went and relaxed at the Journey and Steve Miller Band concert at Usana Amphitheater. It was fun. 

Journey and Steve Miller Band Concerts were both awesome, as well as the Tower of Power band. 

 My favorite was Journey. Here is the awesome guitarist doing his thang.
 We also spent Saturday night at Draper Days Festival and saw Little River Band. Here I am making friends with a baby crocodile (or was it an alligator?)
We've had some fun so far this summer, the hubs and I. You have to take a break from all that weeding you know! 

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