Friday, November 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Decorating at My House

 LOOK what I found at the Dollar Store! These are dancing solar pilgrims and a turkey! They will be so cute for my kiddie table this year at Thanksgiving!!
The little turkey is the cutest. You just set them under a lamp and they bob and dance! It's really sweet! I hope the kids don't fight over the turkey. It was the last one in the store! Maybe I can find a set at another dollar store if I go today....hummm.....

Thanksgiving decorating has begun! I've gotten out all my boxes of junk and started switching out Jack-o-lanterns for Turkeys!
This was my very first Thanksgiving decoration I ever made when I became a newleywed. I remember getting the hubs to cut out the 2 x 4 pieces of wood to make these cute little Pilgrim Pair. Then glue guns were all the rage and I could add the felt clothes, the jute hair and the spanish moss in the basket of apples. 
This was another Thanksgiving decoration I made soon after. It's a mop doll scarecrow, made from a cotton mop. It's cuter if you hang it up. 
The kitchen counters with  all kinds of turkeys and here a pumpkin, there a pumpkin, everywhere a pumpkin......
I love the gourds and pumpkins of fall but what I LOVE are those amber colored glass pumpkins and leaves.  So pretty!

I got this cute Happy Thanksgiving wooden banner from Taipan Trading along with these beautiful glass acorns. They are some of my favorite Thanksgiving decorations. 

I LOVE the stuffed turkey sitting on pumpkins too. I got that from my favorite store Kohls. KOHLS ALWAYS HAS THE CUTEST LINENS AND FABRIC DECOR. 
   The kitchen buffet was decorated with Thanksgiving pilgrims.....
My little Thanksgiving Indian couple is so pretty, I love these fall colors and the little lucite acorns too....and Look! I even made a little fall subway lettering in a picture frame! 
   More pilgrims.....the little girls love my tiny set of pilgrims and Indians at a tiny table. The legs are broken off of two of them now, but we still set them out just for the grandkids to enjoy. 

We always play games at Thanksgiving llike  pin the hat on the turkey....the girls and Devin love it! (Devin is just a big kid, didn't you know?) He will be missed at Thanksgiving this year. But we will see him at Christmas! Woot! 
We can start making those gingerbread things we love so much too but I think I'm gonna do little candy bar trains for the little should be fun....
Entry table in the great room is so cute! Don't you just love my broom handle adding charm to this area? Yeah I forgot to put that away. 
Here was my Thanksgiving table decor last year. I loved these placemats so much. I usually find pretty ones at Kohls or T.J. Max. 
Here was last year's kiddie table....I got 2 little pilgrim bears and a soft turkey for the kiddos to take home with them......all of them loved the turkey. Megan got to take it home..... but look what I found for this year! I should have gotten a set for each little girl. 
One of the end tables in the great room......I love fall decor! 
Pretty Fall Wreath ... made with gold and brown ornament balls
I love this wreath I found on Pinterest. I might have to try and make it!
The piano is getting decorated for fall too....I love those autumn colors! 

Gotta love a scarecrow on a Coffee table.....OH and LOOK! Candy Corn! They are cute but they are disgusting to eat! Yucky...give me some Reeses Pieces ANYDAY! 
End table in the living room......Turkey love....
Desk decorated for Thanksgiving in the living room...I'm going to go over to Kohls with my coupon today to see if there is anything shiny and new.

Well, I'd better get to work now. I still have 30 report cards to do before Monday morning. EEK! I get so sidetracked when I'm playing with my decorations. snicker.....

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  1. Would you happen to know a source for the Pilgrim Boy and Girl......I can't find them anywhere.........but I have a turkey......and a Christmas set......along with a lot of animals



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